23 October, 2012

|| aQiD iS gOiNg To ScHoOL ||

Salam & hye lovelies!

Last week was the 1st week Aqid went to school,,,
(16 October 2012) - after came bak from family's vacation,,,
Actually nursery to be exactly,,,
Still trying to adapt to the new environment which is a bit different,,,
Sent him around 8.30am,,,
Luckily me, the nursery is just at the main lobby of my office which situated at level 4,,,
So easy to me to see him at anytime!
But I'm in hurry when my boss was in the office!
And the pumping session shouldn't at the normal timing,,,
Sorry baby u don't have enough milk!
But i'm proud of u!
U're such a good boy baby!

Day 1 lil hero at school,,,
Can u see his mouth?

Day 2 : He's trying to be good boy

Day 3 : He is such a very good boy!