09 June, 2010

║ HoW tO sAvE oN yOuR wEdDiNg ║

Blog...Friends...Hye there!
Things may be looking up, but for quite a few brides out there – budget is an issue! 
How do you cut costs and put your MYR where they’re best needed? 
Not all brides have an unlimited bank balance i guess...
Here, some ways to save your budget of course!

The Pecking order
As a bride you need to prioritize what is most important to you – the number of guests, venue, decor etc. Once you have them in a list, then you can decide how to allocate your budget accordingly.

Time is of the essence
Just like the weather, so to do weddings have their high and low seasons. Be the contrarian and hold your wedding during the off-peak period to benefit from discounts. Of course, if it’s rainy season… best not to have a beach wedding even if it’s a fraction of the normal price!(sp ade calendar 2011 & tarikh² cuti am...sila bantu sy blh?)

One stop shop
Choose a location that can hold both your ceremony and reception, as this will save you the added costs of site fees and transportation to an fro locations.

Use an excel spreadsheet
I’m not joking! Play around with numbers and see where cuts in certain areas can get you to the budget you envision. Try even cutting the number of children attending as it will reduce expenses (and maybe give their parents a welcome break!).Credit to Xora!

Be creative with your menu
Firstly, discuss your family and make a list. With that off your list, be innovative with your other dishes. Instead of ayam...kerbau...lembu..kambing...ikan...etc... Remember, weddings are a social event where guests love to chat each other..(mcm gathering kn kdg²?)

Don’t bake the whole cake
Well, not in a literal sense now! We don’t want ill guests! But cut costs by having a multi-tiered cake where only the top tier is real and the rest is for display only. Serve guests with sheet cake which is not only easy but more economical.

Be smart with the flower power
Most brides get a shock when they find out how much flower decor actually costs. One tip is to buy flowers whole sale and that are in season. Then get a florist to arrange them which is cheaper than commissioning the florist to source the flowers as well.(Erm...klu kt KL blh la survey² di Florastika Bangsar )

Discounts on your Wedding Dress
If you like designer dresses but don’t have the budget for one… be resourceful. Search online for designer dresses that are on sale or are sold through discount sites. Even if the dress arrives and is slightly too big or small, you can just bring it to a credible tailor to make the needed adjustments. ( sy tempah kt tailor bse² sudah..hu²...)

Make friends with the professionals & other couples
We’re not saying you need to make them your bff – but networking with these peeps could give you the extra headway here and there. Find out which other brides are also having their wedding at your location and see if they are interested in sharing decoration etc costs.

It is custom in Asia to bargain so try and do the same with your vendors (if you never ask, you’ll never receive). Compare prices between vendors and see who offers the best deal or is willing to add in a few freebies here and there. (perlu bwk mak utk urusan sebegini..mak adlah sgt handal tawar menawar nih!)


  1. BdkNakal, thanks for the tips!! .. and eh, ada lak kredit utk saya hahahah.. seriously, thank you for these tips!

  2. Xora : i byk dpt info from ya blog..very useful!thanx sgt²...

  3. FarahFatihah,

    U r welcome..bl bx u pny pn byk sgt info n idea mnarik yg kdg² xterfikir pn..thanx yup!